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Homo Tech :: The Latest Hi-Tech Goodies!

by Bob Sanders
Thursday Jan 10, 2013

So many gadgets, but only so much time. And money.

That’s all right. EDGE has sifted through the flood of new products that have been appearing on the market. Take a look at these. They’re not only fun, they’re even useful!

For Those on the Go

Incipio IPH-677 iPhone 4/4S Stowaway Credit Card Hard-Shell Case

Expensive leather wallets may be increasingly a thing of the past. If you want something that helps you stay organized - and look professionally reliable at the same time - consider the Incipio iPhone wallet-credit-card holder shell phone case. The smartly designed 2.6-inch-by-4.8-inch lightweight silicon-core case easily holds phone, credit cards, cash, security passes and personal ID. Buy it with the iPhone anti-glare screen protector.

Price: Starting at $20

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover

You’re on the road for work. Do you bring the iPad or the laptop? Dilemma solved with Logitech’s Ultrathin Bluetooth keyboard cover, which lets you get some real work done on Apple’s tablet. A stylish aluminum screen cover that feels great and looks even better is designed to complement the iPad. In fact, it fits the tablet so seamlessly that you can hardly tell them apart. Bonus: It doubles as magnetically attached cover. Main advantage? If you or your bff tend to be plumber-fingered while tapping away on the traditional iPad or cellphone screen, this graceful accessory is the perfect helpmate to eliminate all that AutoCorrect fodder. Available in black or white to complement your iPad color.

Price: $100

For the Gymgoer

The Stick

Affectionately called "The Toothbrush for Muscles," The Stick is actually a system of handheld (and blessedly low-tech) hard plastic rods with hand grips and therapeutic spindles that provide deep-tissue warm-ups and disperse the effects of lactic acid build-up following a workout. Highly reviewed by hundreds of satisfied customers on Amazon, The Stick systems come in a variety of weights and lengths, each targeted for different body types, heights and athletic endeavors. The Stick will keep your body chiseled, hard, injury free.

Price $30-$50, depending on size; Stick Pro Systems starting at $119

JayBird Freedom Bluetooth Headphones

Need to stay hands-free while listening to your music? Want to talk effortlessly on the phone while working out? Check out for stereo music and phone calls. Featuring a lifetime warranty against sweat, it gives up to six hours of playing time, premium sound, warm bass and secure fit. Including a built-in microphone for calls, easy-access music controls, three sizes of the new Secure Fit sports ear cushions and three sizes of ear tips, USB charging cable and premium hard-shell magnet sealed carrying case. Great for sportsmen, who can wear the headphones while digging into your gastroc with the Hybrid Stick, above.

Price: Starting at $179


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