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Okay, so there is nothing new about coming across a new name, face, ass (or whatever) in the porn industry. Being from San Francisco, as the saying goes, you trip over a porn star every block. But now and again, there is a particular name, face, story and yes, whatever, that gets our attention and deserves a little bit of perusal, if you will, into the person.

Kory Mitchell, formerly Kory Kong, is one such porn model that happened to catch my eye (and boy what a sight I saw).
And as I was hoping that I would find an interesting story, a significant diversion from the norm in porn, in fact I found just that.

You see, Kory Mitchell just happens to be an open, HIV positive gay man who is a porn star. There is, of course, much more that defines this German-born hunk of a black man with a hunk of a cock to go along with it all, and I was able to discuss with Kory how porn all began with him, the models he would like to work with, how being HIV positive has affected his porn career, and where his passion is outside of the adult film industry.


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