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Gastonia Churches Drop Boy Scouts Over Gay Policy

Monday Aug 26, 2013
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GASTONIA, N.C. - - A Gastonia church is choosing not to renew its charter with the Boy Scouts of America after the organization announced this year that it would no longer deny membership to gay people.

The Gaston Gazette reports ( First Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church in Gastonia announced last week it would not renew its longtime charter. Senior Pastor Matt Kuiken emailed a statement to The Gazette saying the decision was made "with deep sadness."

Piedmont Council CEO Connie Bowes, who oversees Boy Scout troops in 11 counties, including Gaston and Cleveland, said two churches in Cleveland County said this month they are severing ties with the organization.

In May, the Boy Scouts of America’s National Council voted to ease a long-standing ban and allow openly gay boys to be accepted as Scouts.

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  • 2PTown, 2013-08-26 17:48:44

    It is always so puzzling why so many religious organizations are all about hate & division.

  • fleebness, 2013-08-26 19:00:11

    Ah, Gastonia... I remember when the police there would pour motor oil on the homeless. Great place. Full of heart.

  • BlondieSL, 2013-08-27 05:38:57

    Fuking religions. They just don’t learn. They preach love and tolerance, but prove false to their own words. Talk about sending the wrong message to impressionable youth.. a message of hate and judging others. These asswipes put their need to hate above the kids’ needs to grow into strong accepting people. BAN ALL RELIGION AND BE DONE WITH IT!

  • Baxcel, 2013-08-27 17:32:53

    So because a company(sorta) decided it wanted to be fair an open to all children who want to have fun an learn some proper maners an customs these religious assholes decided they dont wanna be a part of it.. its not like anything changed.. hell most boys dont even come out or know there sexual orintation till middle or high school.. an once there done with the BSA if they did come out they cant even continue the program... with all the sponsor money the BSA gets they should build there own buildins in each state that churches refuse to sponsor an well continue to fight for gay leaders too this topic isnt over yet

  • Bomonghani, 2013-08-27 18:00:20

    not all religions are about hate... not all people who are involved in religious organizations or identify themselves as part of any religion are hateful... and comments about "Fucking religions" and "ban all religion" are no better than the idiots that spew crap about all gays being pedophiles...

  • Wayne M., 2013-08-29 21:03:32

    So these churches decide to drop the Boy Scouts because they are ending discriminatory practices with respect to LGBT people. As a Christian, I believe the Boy Scouts will find many other churches happy to host them BECAUSE they have chosen to end discriminatory practices. As for those who advocate banning all religions because of the bigotry of the religious right, please consider what you are saying. You are acting as bigoted at those you condemn. Our goal must be to end ALL discrimination.

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