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Bill Proposed to Deny Gay Parents Custody in Russia

Thursday Sep 5, 2013
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MOSCOW -- A Russian lawmaker has proposed a bill that would deny gay parents custody over their children.

The draft bill, published on parliament’s website on Thursday, would make the "fact of nontraditional sexual orientation" a basis for denying custody. Other grounds include alcoholism, drug use, and abuse.

The proposal comes in the wake of a bill banning homosexual "propaganda" among minors. Authors of the bill have justified it as a measure aimed at protecting children, and not suppressing the LGBT community.

Alexei Zhuravlev, the author of the bill, referred to the earlier law and said that homosexual "propaganda" had to be banned not only in the public space "but also in the family."

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  • BlondieSL, 2013-09-05 16:29:39

    That fucking Russian government is nothing more than a bunch if homophobic bubullies who actually live in fear of losing their obsessive control over the population of that backward country. I’m not a person who hates so much. But I’m feeling more and more hate for that government. I try not to hate the entire country, but some it’s just not easy. Especially if the majority of the people support that disgusting and disgraceful regime.

  • Wayne M., 2013-09-05 21:31:49

    You can be sure that step by step, one assault on the rights of LGBT persons after another will be enacted until our Russian LGBT sisters and brothers are criminalized. Please, if you have not already done so, write to the Russian embassy in your country and protest the recent law. Send copies to the Secretary of State (U.S.A.) or Minister of Foreign Affairs (Canada).

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