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Fox News Wonders, "What If Ray Rice Had Punched a Gay?"

By Winnie McCroy | Friday Sep 12, 2014
A guest host on Fox News this Tuesday, September 9 used the discussion about player Ray Rice's indefinite suspension from the NFL for knocking his wife out cold to rant and rave about punishments for anti-gay hate crimes.

Intimate Partner Abuse Linked to Mental Problems in New Mothers

By EDGE | Saturday Jun 21, 2014
A recent study shows that domestic abuse is closely linked to postpartum mental health problems, including depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), in mothers.

Boston Celebrates 25 Years Preventing LGBT Partner Abuse

By Winnie McCroy | Tuesday Apr 22, 2014
On April 24, 2014 The Network/La Red will celebrate its 25th anniversary with a rockin’ gala fundraiser at The Center for the Arts at the Armory, Somerville, MA.

More than 40% LGBT College Students Report Partner Violence

By Winnie McCroy | Saturday Apr 5, 2014
More than 40 percent of LGBTQ college students report that they have experienced intimate partner violence in their current relationships, a rate that generally aligns with the rate of violence among heterosexual couples.

High Court Bolsters Domestic Violence Gun Law

Friday Mar 28, 2014
People convicted of minor domestic violence offenses can be barred from possessing guns even in states where no proof of physical violence is required to support the domestic violence charge, the Supreme Court ruled Wednesday.

Plunging Into Boston Harbor To Raise Funds for GLBTQ-DVP

By Winnie McCroy | Saturday Feb 22, 2014
On Sunday, Feb. 23 a crowd of diverse individuals including drag queens and bears will plunge into the icy cold waters of Boston Harbor to raise funds for the GLBTQ Domestic Violence Project.

V-Day Events Work to Stop Violence Against Women

By Winnie McCroy | Friday Feb 14, 2014
In 2012, more than 5,800 V-Day benefits took place around the world, and this year volunteers are staging events around Feb. 14 to further their ambitious new campaign, One Billion Rising, which hopes to galvanize a billion women to end violence.

Decapitated Dildos Discovered After Dykes’ Domestic Dispute

By Winnie McCroy | Monday Jan 6, 2014
A Florida woman called the police when her ex cut the heads off her sex toys, after the woman broke up with her.

LGBTs Now Protected From Domestic Violence Under VAWA

By Winnie McCroy | Monday Nov 4, 2013
Domestic violence happens at the same rate in the LGBT community as in the straight community. But now, barriers to service are removed thanks to the VAWA.

Prominent Saudi Feminists Face Prison For Helping Abused Woman

By Winnie McCroy | Wednesday Jul 3, 2013
Two Saudi women’s rights activists have been sentenced to 10 months in prison plus a two-year travel ban thereafter, for helping a Canadian woman "to defy" her allegedly abusive Saudi husband.