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China Cans Beijing Independent Film Fest

By Didi Tang | Saturday Aug 23, 2014
Chinese authorities blocked an annual independent film festival from opening on Saturday, said organizers of an event that has become a rare and influential venue for critical voices.

Strong Quake Kills at Least 150 in Southern China

Sunday Aug 3, 2014
A strong earthquake in southern China's Yunnan province has killed at least 150 people and injured more than 1,400.

Chinese Man Brings Gay Conversion Therapy Lawsuit

By Louis Watt | Thursday Jul 31, 2014
A gay Chinese man said Thursday he was suing a psychological clinic for carrying out electric shocks intended to turn him straight, as well as the search engine giant Baidu for advertising the center.

Hong Kong Won’t Let Gay Couples Marry at British Consulate

By Jason St. Amand | Monday Jun 9, 2014
Hong Kong’s government said this week it would not allow same-sex couples to marry in the city’s British consulate.

Gay Man Sues Hypnosis Clinic For Trying to Turn Him Straight

By Winnie McCroy | Friday May 16, 2014
For the first time ever, a Beijing court has agreed to hear the case of a gay man who is suing a Chinese clinic after doctors tried to turn him straight during hypnosis.

US Sending 2 Warships To Japan To Counter North Korea

By Lolita C Baldor | Sunday Apr 6, 2014
The US delivered a two-pronged warning to Asia Pacific nations Sunday, announcing that the U.S. will send two additional ballistic missile destroyers to Japan to counter the North Korean threat, and saying China must better respect its neighbors.

Smog Overtakes Bejing

By Louise Watt | Monday Oct 21, 2013
Visibility shrank to less than half a football field and small-particle pollution soared to a record 40 times higher than an international safety standard in one northern Chinese city as the region entered its high-smog season.

WHO Agency: Air Pollution Causes Cancer

By Maria Cheng | Friday Oct 18, 2013
The International Agency for Research on Cancer declared on Thursday that air pollution is a carcinogen, alongside known dangers such as asbestos, tobacco and ultraviolet radiation.

China Plan to Ban HIV-Infected Bathers Criticized

Wednesday Oct 16, 2013
China’s Commerce Ministry has begun to backtrack on a proposal to ban HIV-infected people from the country’s public bathhouses after the plan was criticized by government health experts as unnecessary and discriminatory.

LGBT Workplace Inclusion Guide for China Launched

By Winnie McCroy | Thursday Sep 26, 2013
Asian workplace diversity non-profit Community Business has launched a guide to help businesses in China better understand the needs of their LGBT employees so that they can get the most out of their skills.