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Marriage Celebration Rally @ City Hall :: May 20, 2014

By Ann Foucher | Wednesday May 21, 2014
Following the Supreme Court rulings Wednesday that shot down a crucial section of the federal Defense of Marriage Act, Philadelphia LGBT held a rally in celebration.

Four Couples Sue Idaho Over Same-Sex Marraige Ban

By Rebecca Boone | Saturday Nov 9, 2013
Four Idaho couples are suing the state in federal court to challenge laws banning same-sex marriage and denying recognition to same-sex couples who married in other states.

Legal Blog Seeks Recognition from High Court

By Mark Sherman | Saturday Nov 9, 2013
Tom Goldstein’s SCOTUSblog tries to steer clear of conflicts by routinely acknowledging when his firm is involved in cases the blog writes about. But the court itself is unsure how to deal with this.

Justice Scalia: ’I Haven’t Expressed My View on Gay Marriage’

By Bobby McGuire | Thursday Oct 3, 2013
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said he hasn’t expressed his views on marriage equality even though he voted against the strike down of the Defense of Marriage Act.

Idaho Aims to Make Gay Couples Recalculate Taxes

Thursday Oct 3, 2013
Idaho aims to require same-sex couples who are legally married elsewhere to recalculate their federal Internal Revenue Service filings before filing state taxes.

Vt. Gay Couples in Legal Clear After DOMA Ruling

By Dave Gram | Monday Sep 9, 2013
Two same-sex married couples in Vermont are celebrating their new immigration status after a U.S. Supreme Court ruling cleared the way for the foreign-born spouse in each to gain legal residency in the country.

More Couples Getting NM Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

By Juan Carlos Llorca and Russell Contreras | Thursday Aug 22, 2013
Within hours of opening, a New Mexico clerk had issued 15 more marriage licenses to same-sex couples Thursday, the second day they were available.

Report: Gay Surrogacies Could Rise By 15 Percent Following DOMA

By Jason St. Amand | Saturday Aug 10, 2013
After the Supreme Court struck down part of DOMA, EDGE investigates how gay surrogacy will be impacted.

Ginsburg Says Push for Voter ID Laws Predictable

By Mark Sherman | Friday Jul 26, 2013
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg says she’s not surprised that Southern states have pushed ahead with tough voter identification laws and other measures since the Supreme Court freed them from strict federal oversight of their elections.

Mo. Court Seeks More Input on Gay Death Benefits

Tuesday Jul 23, 2013
A U.S. Supreme Court decision about federal benefits for gay couples has prompted the Missouri Supreme Court to take a second look at a pending case.

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