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Anticipation for Pope Francis Trip Grows in Brazil

By Bradley Brooks and Nicole Winfield | Monday Jul 22, 2013
Pope Francis flew toward the warm embrace of his home continent on Monday while expressing concern for a generation of youth growing up jobless as the world economy sputters.

Raising Arizona

By William Kapfer | Saturday Jun 29, 2013
Arizona has lately been acquiring a reputation as a right wing, out-of-touch backwater. People have reached this conclusion largely due to nationwide coverage of some of the more backward political personalities like Gov. Jan Brewer & Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The Mautner Project: Executive Director Leslie Calman

By Will O’Brian | Friday Mar 15, 2013
While sequestration and the Violence Against Women Act orbit the conversation, neither having an immediate or direct impact on the organization, Calman focuses on the personal.

Wyoming Lawmakers See Movement on Gay Issues

By Ben Neary | Tuesday Feb 5, 2013
In the ultra conservative state of Wyoming, Republican lawmakers are beginning to show support on LGBT issues.

John O’Connor settles in at Equality California

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Wednesday Jan 30, 2013
The new executive director of Equality California has indicated health care reform would be a main focus of the statewide LGBT lobbying group’s efforts this year.

Indie Lebanese Band Voices Hopes of Arab Youth

By Diaa Hadid | Monday Sep 24, 2012
A Lebanese indie band, headed by an openly gay singer, is trying to address the difficult and sometimes taboo issues of Middle Eastern societies through their music.

Miami LGBT Inclusion Forum Not Very Inclusive

By Gideon Grudo | Friday Aug 17, 2012
A rabbi, an anti-gay pastor, a gay pastor, a transgender activist, an openly gay politician, and a reverend all walk into a synagogue. It starts off like a joke, but it doesn’t proceed like one.

HRC Gives Paul Ryan a Zero on LGBT Issues

By Jason St. Amand | Wednesday Aug 15, 2012
The Human Rights Campaign recently slammed Mitt Romney’s running mate, Paul Ryan, and gave him a score of zero when it comes to LGBT issues.
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