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Study Reveals LGBT Youths Face Greater Cancer Risks

By Winnie McCroy | Wednesday Feb 26, 2014
A new study led by City College of New York psychologist Margaret Rosario has revealed that LGBT youth are more likely to engage in behaviors associated with future cancer risks.

Sloan Kettering Holds One-Day Conference on LGBT Cancer

By Winnie McCroy | Friday Jan 17, 2014
The National LGBT Cancer Network, Callen-Lorde Community Health Center and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center are presenting a one-day conference on Cancer in the LGBT Communities on January 18 in NYC.

Sobering Findings In Recent LGBT Smoking Study

By EDGE | Friday Jan 17, 2014
LGBT communities spent $7.9 million dollars per year on their top health burden, smoking. This is 65 times as much money as the Funders for LGBTQ Issues report all foundations spend on LGBT funding.

Brits Having Less Sex -- But More Variety

By Maria Cheng | Tuesday Nov 26, 2013
When it comes to the bedroom, the British may be getting less busy, but more creative. According to results from the latest national sex survey, Britons are having sex less often - but the kinds of sex they’re having are more diverse than in the past.

Obamacare: Health Exchanges, Coming Soon

By Sean McShee | Monday Dec 31, 2012
Under the Affordable Care Act workers without employer-provided health insurance can enroll in Health Exchanges beginning Oct. 1, 2013.

Wilton Manors Pride Center Launches Health Directory for LBT Women

By Ryan Dixon | Friday Dec 21, 2012
The on-line directory contains over 300 health care practitioners in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, including gynecologists, primary care physicians, and mental health professionals who work with LBT patients.

Doctors Call on Medical Schools to Teach LGBT Health

By Matthew S. Bajko | Tuesday Oct 16, 2012
As a growing number of patients feel comfortable coming out to their doctors, the nation’s medical schools and physicians’ offices have become new arenas in the fight for LGBT equality.

Turn Your Tub Into a Therapeutic Oasis

Wednesday Oct 3, 2012
What could be better after a long day than unwinding in a warm, soothing bath? Indulge in your own therapeutic treatment this season with bath soaks that help relieve pain, congestion, and muscular aches.

Gay Fitness: How to Lose the Last 15 Pounds

By Peter Jackson, CPT | Wednesday Aug 15, 2012
Peter Jackson talks weight loss and antioxidants. Plus, don’t miss his exercise of the week!

Gay Men’s Health Summit in Washington D.C.

By Sean McShee | Saturday Aug 4, 2012
Just before the XIX International AIDS Conference, an estimated 150 activists gathered in Washington D.C. for the 2012 National Gay Men’s Health Summit.
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