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Virginia Lawyer Faces Severe Action After Calling AIDS "Gay Plague"

By Winnie McCroy | Tuesday Sep 2, 2014
Responding to Florida's decision to lift the ban on same-sex marriage last month, a Virginia lawyer emailed his entire law firm that the "gay plague of AIDS" should have shown us all better by now.

L.A. Law Firm Puts Fights for Gay Rights in Court & at Home

By Steve Weinstein | Tuesday Jul 16, 2013
Paul Hastings is a model Big Law firm that supports LGBT employees, gives generously to LGBT causes with money & pro bono work.

Lawyers For Gay Marriage in Book Deal

By Jason St. Amand | Thursday Feb 28, 2013
The bipartisan legal team leading the fight for gay marriage has a book deal.

Our Gay Legal Man: The Story of Shawn Newman

By Donald Cavanaugh | Wednesday Jan 9, 2013
He was born a self-described "navy brat," in San Diego where his father was stationed.

Lisa Bloom Isn’t Impressed by Your ’Swagger’

By Chris Sosa | Saturday Jun 2, 2012
Lisa Bloom, the fiery civil rights attorney, television legal contributor, and best-selling author, talks to EDGE about her new book, thug culture, the importance of reading, and animal welfare.

Gay Lawyer Blamed for Dewey & LeBoeuf’s Demise

By Jason St. Amand | Thursday May 17, 2012
Steven H. Davis came out of the closet 10 years ago and left his wife to be with another man. But the New York businessman now faces another difficult challenge: receiving the blame for the demise of a top law firm.
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