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Preacher: Putin Will Out Obama as Gay Within 100 Days

By Winnie McCroy | Monday Aug 11, 2014
As part of his continuing reign of ludicrous terror, Reverend Dr. James David Manning of New York City's anti-gay Anointed Holy Missionary Church (ATLAH) has "prognosticated" that Vladimir Putin will out Obama as gay.

Italian Catholic School Fires Lesbian Teacher to 'Protect Ethics'

By Winnie McCroy | Tuesday Jul 22, 2014
After the headmistress of a Catholic school in Italy allegedly fired a teacher for being lesbian, the school now faces the threat of losing funding for the action.

Suspected Seattle Arsonist:: "Homosexuals Should Be Exterminated"

By EDGE | Sunday Feb 16, 2014
Documents filed in King County Superior Court say that suspected arsonist Musab Masmari, 30, told a friend who is a member of the local Muslim community that "homosexuals should be exterminated." The friend-turned-informant contacted the FBI.

Gay Marriage Foes Scrambling After Court Setbacks

By David A. Lieb, David Crary and Rachel Zoll | Saturday Feb 15, 2014
Opponents of same-sex marriage are scrambling to find effective responses, in Congress and state legislatures, to a rash of court rulings that would force some of America’s most conservative states to accept gay nuptials.

Sister Resigns After Wash. Catholic School Turmoil

Wednesday Jan 22, 2014
The president of a suburban Seattle Catholic school has resigned in the turmoil following the school’s decision to force out a vice principal who married his same-sex partner.

’Next Fall’ a Personal Collaboration for Actor and Director

By Michael Cox | Friday Jan 17, 2014
"Next Fall" may be the most profound and personal collaboration between the actor Kendall Hodder and director Russell Greene. In the play, a tragic accident puts Adam’s feelings about his devoutly religious partner to the test.

Inaugural Pastor Withdraws Over Anti-Gay Remarks

By Rachel Zoll | Thursday Jan 10, 2013
The evangelical pastor chosen to give the benediction at President Barack Obama’s inauguration withdrew from the ceremony Thursday after remarks he made two decades ago condemning the gay rights movement surfaced.

Religious School to Employees: Swear You’re Not Gay, Or Else

By Kilian Melloy | Friday Nov 4, 2011
A religious university in Georgia has told its staff that anyone who refuses to sign documents attesting to their heterosexuality will face termination.

Rules for Nebraska Counselors Still Mired in Gay Debate

Thursday Oct 27, 2011
A coalition of social workers, psychologists and family therapists demanded Monday that the state adopt rules that would require certain mental health professionals to offer referrals to gay patients.

Methodists to Offer Marriage Celebrations to Same-Sex Families

By Kilian Melloy | Friday Oct 21, 2011
Nearly a thousand United Methodists are ready to defy their denomination and offer marriage ceremonies to same-sex couples in the name of love and family parity.
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