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Homophobic: Coke Is It!

By Winnie McCroy | Monday Jan 27, 2014
Coca-Cola has come under fire for a new social marketing campaign that prevents users from writing pro-gay messages on virtual cans.

Canadian Store Owner Pulls ’Gay Away’ Gag Candy

By Winnie McCroy | Friday Dec 13, 2013
A Manitoba store came under fire after selling "Gay Away," a novelty candy pill purported to "cure gayness."

LGBT Community Takes Issue With Chick-fil-A’s CEO’s ’Equality Award’

By Winnie McCroy | Tuesday Nov 19, 2013
Anti-gay Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy has been honored with an equality award by the Urban League of Greater Atlanta.

Ex-Gay Group Sues Over London’s Pro-Gay Bus Ads

By Winnie McCroy | Thursday Oct 17, 2013
A Christian group has filed a lawsuit against Transport for London, attempting to remove billboards on double-decker buses that tell people who don’t like gays to "get over it."

Right Wing Group Attempts to ’Stick it’ to HRC

By EDGE | Friday Sep 6, 2013
Last week anti-gay hate group MassResistance launched a promotional movement against The Human Rights Campaign through the sale of stickers meant to ridicule the gay advocacy group’s trademark blue square sticker with a yellow equality symbol

California Conservatives Call for School Boycott on Harvey Milk Day

By Winnie McCroy | Monday May 20, 2013
Conservatives are calling for parents to keep their kids home from school on May 22, when California plans to commemorate the first openly-gay lawmaker.

Lawsuit Says Gun Groups Involved in Anti-Gay Mail

Thursday Apr 4, 2013
Two gun rights groups worked on political attack mailers in Colorado that showed a gay couple from New Jersey kissing, according to claims in a federal lawsuit Wednesday.

The Battle of the Boycott

By Tim Curran | Tuesday Jan 15, 2013
Do they work? Are they still relevant?

Out of the Attic, Out of the Closet: Bye, Bye Eagle Scout Medals

By DAVID CRARY | Tuesday Aug 7, 2012
For the physician in Illinois, the attorney in Kentucky, the arts editor in Oregon, their Eagle Scout medals were treasured reminders of youthful achievement.

Montgomery Co. "Ex-Gay" Fliers Nixed

By John Riley | Friday Jun 29, 2012
The Montgomery County School Board voted 6-1 Monday evening to end the county’s quarterly program that allowed community nonprofits to send home informational fliers with students at the middle and high school levels.