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"Coming Out Simulator 2014″ Smart, Heartfelt Game

By Rhuaridh Marr | Saturday Jul 19, 2014
Coming out is tough. Enter, then, "Coming Out Simulator 2014," which not only takes you back to that first time but hands you the keys to someone else's coming out tale.

SF Parking App Refuses Shut-Down Order

By Terry Collins | Sunday Jun 29, 2014
The company behind a mobile app that allows San Francisco drivers to get paid for the public parking spaces they exit has rejected an order from the city attorney to stop its operations.

Web Sites Ease Auto Purchases

By Dee-Ann Durban | Sunday Jun 29, 2014
Want to take some of the stress and mystery out of the car-buying process? Get on the Internet.

Mozilla Sponsors Bay Area LGBT Youth Summit

By Matthew S. Bajko | Thursday Apr 24, 2014
The lead sponsor for a Bay Area LGBT youth summit taking place in San Francisco’s gay Castro district next weekend will be the Mozilla Foundation, organizers disclosed to the Bay Area Reporter.

On Grindr: Closeted Discrimination Within the Gay Community

By Michael Bennett | Thursday Apr 3, 2014
The first thing I vividly remember about joining the gay community was a series of messages on Grindr - a virtual world of avatars, most of which strive to project that they possess the qualities of the ideal, desirable gay man.

Students React to Facebook’s New ’Gender Options’

By Nicole Wiesenthal | Wednesday Apr 2, 2014
Students who use Facebook no longer have to choose between being male and female. In fact, now they can choose from more than 50 new gender options -- and to some students, it could mean the world.

Hula App Helps With STD Testing and Results

By Winnie McCroy | Tuesday Mar 11, 2014
In an effort to test for and discuss results of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), the new company Hula has launched an iPhone app that allows users to find testing centers, get their results online, then share that info with other users.

Wikileaks Founder Lambasts Gov’t in SXS Interactive Skype Appearance

By Barbara Ortutay | Sunday Mar 9, 2014
Fugitive Wikileaks founder Julian Assange discussed government surveillance, journalism and the situation in Ukraine on Saturday in a streaming-video interview.

Lesbian Techies Energize SF

By Heather Cassell | Sunday Mar 9, 2014
Nearly 800 digital dykes and their friends geeked out and were ready to revolutionize the tech industry at the first-ever Lesbians Who Tech Summit at the Castro Theatre.

Newsweek Roars Back with ’Bitcoin’ Claims, Controversy

By David Bauder | Sunday Mar 9, 2014
A mystery man. A splashy reveal. A media frenzy. Newsweek staked its return from the dead on a story it knew would get attention.