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Man Seeks Green Card After US Husband Dies

By Amy Taxin | Tuesday Apr 22, 2014
A 72-year-old Australian man widowed by his American husband of more than three decades is renewing his pitch for a green card since the Obama administration eased policies on gay marriage.

Advocates Seek to Empower LGBT Immigrants

By Chris Carson | Sunday Sep 22, 2013
When Amy Lin pulled her mother aside and said, "I like girls too, are you okay with that?" her mother, who moved Lin to the U.S. from Taiwan when Lin was 12, looked at her and said, "It doesn’t matter, that’s what America is for."

Gay Binational Couple Fights Feds

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Thursday Jul 25, 2013
A Mexican-born San Francisco man is being held in Pennsylvania for a visa violation while his husband, a U.S. citizen, tries to get him out.

Lesbian Immigrant Activist To Marry Partner

Friday Jul 12, 2013
A graduation ceremony honoring students who were brought to the United States without legal permission will also include a wedding between an activist and her same-sex partner.

Feds To Process Same-Sex Immigration Benefits

Monday Jul 1, 2013
Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says the government will start reviewing applications for green cards and other immigration benefits for same-sex couples.

Gay Couple May Be First To Win Green Card Petition

By Suzette Laboy | Monday Jul 1, 2013
A Bulgarian graduate student and his American husband are the first gay couple in the nation to have their green card petition approved after the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriages, their lawyer says.

LGBT BiNational Couples Eligible for Green Cards Following SCOTUS DOMA Decision

By EDGE | Thursday Jun 27, 2013
Immigration Equality, fighting for equality under U.S. immigration law for LGBT and HIV-positive individuals, issued a press release Wednesday announcing green card eligibility for binational couples following the SCOTUS decision to strike down DOMA.

Broad Immigration Bill Cruising to Senate Passage

By David Espo and Erica Werner | Wednesday Jun 26, 2013
Far-reaching immigration legislation cruised toward passage in the Senate on Wednesday as House Republicans pushed ahead on a different approach that cracks down on millions living in the United States illegally rather than offerin a chance at citizenship

"I’m Gone!": Rubio Threatens to Revoke Support of LGBT Inclusive Immigration Bill I

By EDGE | Thursday Jun 13, 2013
Two days after Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt) introduced an amendment to the bipartisan immigration reform bill that would grant protections to bi-national same-sex couples, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) co-author of the bill, said that he would revoke his support.

Leahy Introduces LGBT Inclusive Amendment to Immigration Bill

By EDGE | Wednesday Jun 12, 2013
Less than a month after scolding fellow Democrats for abandoning inclusive immigration reform, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) has filed an amendment to the Gang of Eight bill that would allow LGBT spouses a path to citizenship.