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Friends Common Source of Abused Prescription Meds

By Lindsey Tanner | Wednesday Mar 5, 2014
Most people who abuse addictive prescription painkillers get them for free from friends or relatives, while drug dealers are a relatively uncommon source for those at highest risk for deadly overdoses, a government study found.

FDA Wants Limits on Most Prescribed Painkillers

By Matthew Perrone | Sunday Oct 27, 2013
The Food and Drug Administration is recommending new restrictions on prescription medicines containing hydrocodone, the highly addictive painkiller that has grown into the most widely prescribed drug in the U.S.

Is Wedding Guru David Tutera a Sex Addict?

By Jason St. Amand | Friday May 3, 2013
Celebrity wedding planner David Tutera has come under fire this week after his soon-to-be ex-husband alleged Tutera is a sex addict and uses prostitutes.

Man Awarded $250K for Claim Meds Turned Him Into Gay Sex Addict

By Jason St. Amand | Friday Nov 30, 2012
A married man and father of two was recently awarded more than $250,000 by a British court after his Parkinson’s Disease medication made him addicted to gay sex and online gambling.

Seabrook House Co-Sponsoring Queer and Sober Event During Gay Pride Weekend in NYC

Thursday Jun 21, 2012
Seabrook House, an internationally-recognized addiction treatment center, is proud to co-sponsor NYC Queer and Sober 2012 as part of Gay Pride Weekend, being held in New York City June 22 to June 24.

Eatery Below Sober Space to Sell Booze

By Matthew S. Bajko | Monday Apr 16, 2012
A new restaurant proposed to be housed in the same building as a Castro sobriety center plans to sell beer and wine.

New Book, "Gay Men and Substance Abuse," Launched by Hazelden

Monday Mar 28, 2011
Hazelden Publishing has released Gay Men and Substance Abuse: A Basic Guide for Addicts and Those Who Care for Them - one of the first books ever published in America for gay men who are addicted to alcohol and other drugs.

Meth to the Madness :: The Return of the Drug Culture

By Shaun Knittel | Thursday Jan 20, 2011
With the growing revitalization of the party-club culture, drugs use, especially Crystal Meth is slowly creeping its way back onto the scene ready to claim an entirely new generation. Part 1 of a very revealing inside look at the epidemic.

Targeting brain circuits for addiction, relapse

By Lauran Neergaard | Tuesday May 25, 2010
Could a once-a-month alcoholism shot keep some of the highest-risk heroin addicts from relapse? A drug that wakes up narcoleptics treat cocaine addiction? An old antidepressant fight methamphetamine?
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