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In SF, Students, Parents Speak Out Against Archbishop's 'Morality' Clauses

About 500 people gathered Monday at the University of San Francisco to discuss recent proposals that Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone has unveiled that many say would alter education of students.

U.S. Protection of Gay Iraqis Questioned

INTERNATIONAL | By Heather Cassell | Feb 21
A dozen years after the U.S. invaded Iraq, the government is reluctant to let LGBT Americans know what it was doing to protect gay Iraqis at the height of the violence against them.

Study: Religion No Go-To for LGBs; Suicide Risks Increase

HEALTH | By Sasha Razumikhin | Jul 19
Put simply, god isn't helping LGB people deal with their issues. At least that's what the results of a new study from the Williams Institute says.

History: These 10 Folks Were Executed For Being Gay

CULTURE | By Jason Parsley | Jul 6
Homosexuality was once considered a normal part of life - especially in ancient Greece. But in modern times gays and lesbians have had it rough.

Singaporean Gays Rally to Counter Opposition

INTERNATIONAL | By Satish Cheney | Jun 28
Thousands of gay rights activists gathered in downtown Singapore on Saturday for a rally that this year drew unprecedented criticism from religious conservatives.

Romanian Millionaire Priest Running for Euro Parliament on Anti-Gay Platform

Iulian Capsali, a former U.S. lawyer turned Romanian Orthodox priest worn €1.6 m has gathered over 120,000 signatures to be registered as an independent candidate for a Member of European Parliament to represent "traditional family values."

Anti-Gay Pastor Scott Lively: Putin is ’Defender of Human Rights’

RELIGION | By Winnie McCroy | Mar 13
Anti-gay pastor Scott Lively stepped up to say that Russian President Vladimir Putin was a "defender of true human rights" for his recent decisions to target the LGBT community and to invade Ukraine.

Anti-Gay Mass. Activist Warns Against Repealing Jamaica’s ’Buggery Law’

INTERNATIONAL | By Winnie McCroy | Dec 31
An anti-gay activist from Massachusetts traveled to Jamaica to speak in favor of keeping the island’s "buggery law," which has seen hate crimes rise in past years.

Uganda Gay Sex Trial Adjourned Until Next Year

INTERNATIONAL | By Winnie McCroy | Dec 16
A British man will have to wait until next year to find out his fate after a Uganda court adjourned his case of "trafficking obscene publications," after his personal sex photos were leaked to a tabloid.

Russian Imam Calls for Boycott of Elton John Concerts

The controversy surrounding Elton John’s upcoming concerts in Russia continues, this time from a Russian Islamic leader, who has called on his followers to boycott the multi Grammy Award-winner’s concerts in Moscow and Kazan.

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