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Veterans Affairs Sued For Denying Gay Marriage Benefits

By Winnie McCroy | Wednesday Aug 20, 2014
The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is being sued over its refusal to grant spousal benefits to same-sex military couples in states where these marriages are not recognized.

LGBTQs Still Barred From Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade

By David Perry | Tuesday Mar 11, 2014
Organizers of the South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade face a growing political backlash for their refusal to let a group of 20 gay veterans participate as openly LGBTQ in the nation’s second largest Irish-themed march.

Feds Won’t Enforce Same-Sex Veterans Law

By Pete Yost | Wednesday Sep 4, 2013
The Obama administration said Wednesday it will stop enforcing a law that blocks benefits to partners of military veterans in same-sex marriages.

VA Decision On Burial Rights Departs From Past

By Kevin Freking | Tuesday Feb 19, 2013
The government has cleared the first burial of a same-sex spouse of a veteran in a national cemetery, but it’s far from certain how easy it will be for other gay military couples to win the same benefit.

VA Grants Burial Rights for Same-Sex Ore.Couple

By Steven DuBois | Friday Feb 15, 2013
The Department of Veterans Affairs has decided to allow the same-sex spouse of a member of the military to be buried in a U.S. national cemetery.

Lesbian Veteran Sues Over Denial of Benefits

By Michael K. Lavers | Wednesday Feb 1, 2012
Tracey Cooper-Harris, who served in the Army for 12 years, announced on Wednesday that she will file a federal lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs after her application for benefits for her spouse was denied.

GLBT Service Group Makes Sure Vets Get Good Wine

By Michelle Locke | Tuesday May 17, 2011
Deb Stallings was more than a little surprised when she found out that budgetary concerns meant that residents of the veterans’ home in the Napa Valley, one of the world’s most renowned wine regions, were being served wine from - gasp! - out of state.

Aging vets’ costs concern Obama’s deficit co-chair

By Mike Baker | Wednesday Sep 1, 2010
The system that automatically awards disability benefits to some veterans because of concerns about Agent Orange seems contrary to efforts to control federal spending, the Republican co-chairman of President Barack Obama’s deficit commission said Tuesday.

Questions loom over drug given to sleepless vets

By Matthew Perrone | Monday Aug 30, 2010
Andrew White returned from a nine-month tour in Iraq beset with signs of post-traumatic stress disorder: insomnia, nightmares, constant restlessness. Doctors tried to ease his symptoms using three psychiatric drugs, including a potent anti-pyschotic called Seroque

Web portal Warrior Gateway helps digital-age vets

By Barbara Ortutay | Monday May 24, 2010
For young veterans returning from duty in Iraq or Afghanistan, the process of re-entering society can be daunting, especially if they have been injured or have struggled with mental health problems.