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Syphilis, Gonorrhea Cases Rising in North Dakota

Tuesday Feb 25, 2014
The dramatic jump in sexually transmitted diseases in North Dakota has state health officials trying to reverse the trend by raising awareness among not only residents but also doctors.

Young People Bear Brunt As CDC Releases New Rates of STDs

By Winnie McCroy | Friday Jan 24, 2014
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released their annual snapshot on sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and the findings do not bode well for young people, or GLBTs.

Report Links Poppers to CA Gonorrhea Cases

By Matthew S. Bajko | Wednesday Dec 26, 2012
A new report issued by state health officials indicates that usage of poppers is high among gay and bisexual men in California who test positive for gonorrhea.

Philadelphia High Schools to Install Free Condom Dispensers

By Jason St. Amand | Wednesday Dec 26, 2012
Twenty-two Philadelphia’s high schools will receive condom dispensers that give away free condoms, a pilot launched by health officials in order to combat high STD rates among the city’s teens.

Researchers: U.S. Circumcision Decline = Rises in STD Infections, Healthcare Costs

By Jason St. Amand | Wednesday Aug 22, 2012
A study from Johns Hopkins University reports that the decrease of circumcisions in this country could lead to the spread of HIV and STDs and increase health-care costs.

Homotech: $1 Chip to Test for HIV in 15 Minutes, Fits in Your Wallet

By Shaun Knittel | Thursday Aug 11, 2011
The mChip, a credit card-sized HIV and STD test that fits into your wallet, could revolutionize the delivery of results when it is finally released here.

Philadelphia Officials Launch Campaign to Reduce STD Rates

By Louis Finley | Wednesday May 11, 2011
Mayor Michael Nutter unveiled a new campaign last month designed to reduce rates of sexually transmitted diseases in the city. Take Control Philly offers free condoms to teens as young as 11.

M*SHP and PEP :: You Have 36 Hours

By JC Alvarez | Tuesday Apr 5, 2011
You have 36 hours. What will you do? Mike Ruiz lends a hand to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.

CDC: MSMs Hardest Hit by HIV, Syphilis

By Kilian Melloy | Thursday Mar 11, 2010
A new analysis from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention reaffirms previously studies that show that younger MSMs (men who have sex with men), which includes gay and bisexual men, are particularly hard-hit by STDs like HIV and syphilis.

STDs Rising Among Straight and Gays Alike

By Mike Stobbe | Tuesday Nov 17, 2009
Sexually spread diseases continue to rise, with reported chlamydia cases setting yet another record in 2008, government health officials said Monday.
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