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Vatican: Many Catholics Ignore Teachings on Sex

By Nicole Winfield | Thursday Jun 26, 2014
The Vatican admitted Thursday that most Catholics around the world reject its teachings about sex and contraception as an intrusion into their private lives, and are ignorant of other core doctrines about marriage, divorce and homosexuality.

Vatican Official Against Uganda’s Anti-Gay Law

Tuesday Mar 4, 2014
A Vatican cardinal has criticized Uganda’s anti-gay law and called for the repeal of its severe penalties.

Vatican Hits Back at UN Committee for Abuse Report

By Nicole Windfield | Friday Feb 7, 2014
The Vatican struck back Friday at a U.N. human rights committee that issued a scathing report on sex abuse by priests, accusing it of straying beyond its mandate.

UN Committee Blasts Vatican on Sex Abuse, Abortion

By Nicole Windfield | Wednesday Feb 5, 2014
The Vatican "systematically" adopted policies that allowed priests to rape and molest tens of thousands of children over decades, a U.N. human rights committee said, urging it to open its files on pedophiles and bishops who concealed their crimes.

Vatican Surveys Find Catholics Reject Sex Rules

By Nicole Windfield | Wednesday Feb 5, 2014
New surveys commissioned by the Vatican show that the vast majority of Catholics in Germany and Switzerland reject church teaching on contraception, sexual morality, gay unions and divorce.

Vatican Urges Ex-Swiss Guard to Detail Gay Threat

Friday Jan 24, 2014
A senior Vatican official has urged a former Swiss Guard commander to come forward with details about accusations that the gay culture in the Vatican posed a security threat to the pope.

Vatican Comes Under Sharp Criticism For Sex Abuse

By John Heilprin and Nicole Winfield | Thursday Jan 16, 2014
The Vatican came under blistering criticism from a U.N. committee Thursday for its handling of the global priest sex abuse scandal, facing its most intense public grilling to date over allegations that it protected pedophile priests.

Pope Bounces Anti-Gay Cardinal

Tuesday Dec 17, 2013
Pope Francis announced changes in the influential Vatican office that evaluates and nominates candidates for bishop around the world.

Vatican Polls Parishes on Birth Control, Marriage

By Rachel Zoll | Friday Nov 1, 2013
The Vatican is taking the unusual step of conducting a worldwide survey on how parishes deal with sensitive issues such as birth control, divorce and gay marriage, seeking input ahead of a major meeting on the family that Pope Francis plans next year.

Pope’s Blunt Remarks Pose Challenge for Bishops

By Rachel Zoll | Saturday Sep 21, 2013
In recent years, many American bishops have drawn a harder line with parishioners on what could be considered truly Roman Catholic, adopting a more aggressive style of correction and telling abortion rights supporters to stay away from Communion.