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Judge: Married Women Can’t Divorce in Alabama

Thursday Mar 13, 2014
A judge ruled Wednesday that two women who were legally married in Iowa can’t divorce in Alabama, which doesn’t recognize same-sex marriages.

Miss. Judge Refuses to Grant Same-Sex Couple’s Divorce

By Holbrook Mohr | Tuesday Dec 3, 2013
A Mississippi judge on Monday refused to grant a divorce to a lesbian couple who got married in California, saying the marriage wasn’t recognized under state law, according to the woman who filed and her lawyer.

Texas High Court Hears Arguments on Same-Sex Divorce

Wednesday Nov 6, 2013
The Texas Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday about whether the state can grant divorces to gay couples married elsewhere despite its own constitutional ban on gay marriage, in one of the first serious challenges to that 2005 amendment.

Same-Sex Couple Seeks Right to Divorce in Ky.

Monday Nov 4, 2013
A same-sex couple who married in Massachusetts is seeking a divorce in Kentucky.

Woman Asks Miss. to Recognize Her Same-Sex Marriage

By Holbrook Mohr | Friday Sep 27, 2013
A woman is asking the conservative state of Mississippi to recognize her out-of-state gay marriage so that she can get a divorce.

RI Couples Use New Marriage Law to Get Divorced

Friday Aug 2, 2013
While many same-sex couples married on the first day it became legal in Rhode Island, others filed for divorce.

First Gay Divorce Finalized in Colorado

Tuesday Jul 30, 2013
Colorado’s first recognized same-sex divorce is final.

Jane Lynch Divorces Wife After Three Years

By Jason St. Amand | Tuesday Jun 11, 2013
"Glee" star Jane Lynch is divorcing her wife after three years of marriage.

Transgender Man Plans to Keep Seeking Divorce

By Jacques Billeaud | Wednesday Apr 3, 2013
A transgender Arizona man whose divorce request was rejected after his marriage was declared invalid plans to keep trying to get his 9-year union dissolved.

Ariz. Marriage Ban Means Transgendered Man Can’t Divorce Wife

By Felicia Fonseca & Paul Davenport | Friday Mar 29, 2013
The absurd results of banning same-sex marriage were full display in an Arizona courtroom, where a judge wouldn’t let a man divorce his wife because the judge considered him still a woman he got married.