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Huckabee Attacks Obama’s Position on Same-Sex Marriage

By Jason St. Amand | Monday Apr 14, 2014
Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) lashed out against President Barack Obama for his views on same-sex marriage on an episode of Fox News’ "The O’Reilly Factor" Friday.

Client Fires GOP Lobbyist for Drafting Bill to Ban Gays From the NFL

By EDGE | Wednesday Feb 26, 2014
Jack Burkman, the GOP lobbyist and Fox News commentator with plans to draft legislation banning gay athletes from playing in the NFL, has lost his first of what may be many clients upset with his homophobic comments.

"Duck" Son Robertson Makes Nice in Fox Interview

Wednesday Jan 1, 2014
"Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson chose not to quack back.

’Duck Dynasty’ Couple to Guest on Fox News Special

Tuesday Dec 31, 2013
"Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson will talk about his outspoken father as he helps Fox News Channel ring in the new year.

New Mexico Teacher Disciplined For ’Santa is White’ Remark

Monday Dec 16, 2013
A New Mexico high school teacher has been disciplined after a parent says the man told his black son that Santa Claus is white.

Public Ignores Complaints About Shep Smith News Blackout

By Steve Weinstein | Saturday Nov 2, 2013
A Gawker item that outed a media celebrity has inspired one of those cycles of accusations and counter-accusations unique to media that cover media, which appears to be of interest only to other members of the media.

Gawker :: Shepard Smith Is An Angry Gay

By Winnie McCroy | Thursday Oct 24, 2013
Gossip mavens say that not only is Fox News anchor Shepard Smith gay, but also has repeatedly been abusive to an NYC club’s wait staff.

Transgender Menace-Conservatives Unite in Outrage

By Michael Cox | Thursday Aug 15, 2013
Now that Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a new state law that will allow transgender K-12 students to access whichever restroom corresponds to their gender identity, conservative legal groups are fighting back, and Fox News correspondents have joined them.

Fox News Reporter: Obama is Gay Over LGBT Olympics Support

By Jason St. Amand | Tuesday Aug 13, 2013
Is President Barrack Obama secretly gay and in the closet? As suggested by Fox News contributor Todd Starnes, he must be; following comments the president made in support of LGBT athletes at a press conference last Friday.

Hasselbeck Exits ’The View’ With No Hard Feelings

By David Bauder | Wednesday Jul 10, 2013
Elisabeth Hasselbeck left "The View" after a decade on Wednesday, showing no hard feelings toward her colleagues even though her political views made for some awkward and heated exchanges on the daytime chat fest over the years.