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Christian Group Wants NC Marriage Limit Preserved

Tuesday Sep 30, 2014
Christian conservatives who helped pass a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage in North Carolina are gathering again in Raleigh to try to keep the prohibition defended in court.

NC Town Considers Domestic Partner Benefits

Monday Sep 8, 2014
A Winston-Salem City Council committee is to consider whether to offer benefits to same-sex domestic partners.

Gov. McCrory Asked Not to Defend NC Gay Marriage Ban

Wednesday Aug 27, 2014
Same-sex couples and their families who want Gov. Pat McCrory to keep out of pending litigation challenging North Carolina's gay marriage ban are bringing names of their allies to his offices.

Gay Marriage Backers Ask Judge for Quick NC Ruling

Friday Aug 15, 2014
Gay marriage advocates want a federal judge to quickly overturn North Carolina's ban on same-sex unions after an appeals court ruling to overturn a similar prohibition in Virginia.

Together 48 Years, Couple Fights NC Marriage Ban

By Michael Biesecker | Thursday Aug 14, 2014
The story of the lead plaintiffs in a lawsuit challenging the state's voter-approved constitutional amendment banning legal recognition of same-sex relationships.

Gay Marriage Supporters Push for Quick NC Ruling

By Michael Biesecker | Tuesday Jul 29, 2014
Lawyers challenging North Carolina's same-sex marriage ban say they will press for quick legal action after a federal appeals court found a similar law in Virginia is unconstitutional.

NC Attorney General Won't Defend Gay Marriage Ban

By Michael Beisecker | Monday Jul 28, 2014
North Carolina's attorney general says his office will no longer defend the state's voter-approved ban on same sex marriage in court after a federal appeals court ruled a similar prohibition in neighboring Virginia unconstitutional.

North Carolina Pastors Rally For Gay Marriage Ban

By Katelyn Ferral | Wednesday Jul 16, 2014
Pastors on Tuesday called on North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory to defend that state's constitutional amendment banning gay marriage in the face of lawsuits from same-sex couples in the state and around the country.

N.C. Pastors Call for Support on Marriage Ban

Tuesday Jul 15, 2014
Pastors from across the state will rally to call on Gov. Pat McCrory to defend traditional marriage before a Court of Appeals judge is set to rule on the issue.

Candidate Aiken Says People See Him Differently

Tuesday May 20, 2014
Congressional candidate Clay Aiken says voters in North Carolina are getting a different look at him from his "American Idol" background.