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by Oscar Raymundo

The Real Sex Behind the Hyperlinks

This month, Alyson Books, the once premier publisher of LGBT literature announced that they were going to solely publish e-books from now on. So I had to ask the guys: why go into such a scary business when online porn was proving so profitable?

"I’m loyal to reading," Cole says, with no hesitation about defending his favorite pastime (aside from getting frisky with blond virgin boys). "Books are the ultimate way to create a fantasy."

A more logical route would have been to go to Falcon or COLT, and it’s not like they weren’t approached. "But it was important for us to be in charge of what we were doing, creatively," Cole said.

The mastermind of self-made success in gay sex himself, Jonathan Crutchley, founder of Manhunt, advised them to keep doing exactly that. After all, can eighty million horny guys be wrong?

And it’s not a stretch to think that a mainstream gay porn studio would have butchered off the most engaging parts of the Maverick Men narrative. No, I’m not talking about body parts, but their relationship as a whole, their commitment to having a good time - together. There’s something genuine about their videos, hardcore as they may be. The book elaborates on these emotions, an insight into how Cole and Hunter interact, ever so adoringly, in and out the bedroom.

"They befriend the people they sleep with, avoid gay-for-pay," Anthony said. "They’re just two regular, fun-loving guys who got into porn late in life."

And they’re really glad they did, if anything because ever since their first upload, they "get to spend more time together and get to travel to amazing places," Cole said.

A real-life couple that after ten years wants to stay together and play together? In this day and age of hyperlinks and cybersex, that may be truly what’s maverick.

Oscar Raymundo is a freelance writer based in San Francisco. He has written for SF Weekly, the SF Bay Guardian, Wired, Newsweek, BusinessWeek, Fast Company, CosmoGIRL! and the official Facebook blog. He is currently at work on his first novel.

He blogs here.

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