Of Girls And Horses

By Kevin Kline | Friday Sep 19, 2014
Writer-director Monika Treut ("Gendernauts," "Ghosted") takes to the countryside of rural Germany for her new feature, "Of Girls and Horses," an understated and thoughtfully produced film that quietly builds up characters and story.

Vicky - The Gay Gene Comes To Australia

By Mahalel Kilian Melloy | Friday Sep 19, 2014
"It's going to take religious people to undo the harm that religious people have done," Bishop Gene Robinson says in this documentary. "And it goes way beyond 'tolerance.' "

Power Erotic

By Mahalel Kilian Melloy | Friday Sep 19, 2014
Lawrence Ferrara's home movie-feeling documentary is a kind of gay(er) "Fight Club," sharing how and why men seek out and play with power, status and dominance.

Drunktown's Finest

By Mahalel Kilian Melloy | Friday Sep 19, 2014
It's a tough life for three twenty-somethings in a Navajo community in New Mexico, as they search for love and acceptance in a town that has gained notoriety for having one of the highest rates of alcohol abuse in the country.


By Kevin Kline | Friday Sep 19, 2014
Ben Whishaw plays Richard, the grieving partner of a recently deceased young man whose mother (Cheng Pei Pei) never knew her son was gay. Or did she?

Meet Martin Kierszenbaum (aka) Cherry Cherry Boom Boom

By Robert Nesti | Friday Sep 19, 2014
Martin Kierszenbaum has become a mogul in the music business as a songwriter/producer for major artists like Ellie Goulding & Robyn; but the finder of Cherrytree Records is also performer Cherry Cherry Boom Boom. EDGE spoke to him about his alter-ego.

Ask the Doc: Sexual Roulette

By Winnie McCroy | Friday Sep 19, 2014
Is it safer to have sex with someone who doesn't know their HIV status, or with a pozzer that has an undetectable viral load? The Doc knows....

Obsessions, by EDGE

By Jason St. Amand | Friday Sep 19, 2014
In EDGE's latest Obsessions feature, the editors pour over their love for a new shaving product, NBC's thriller "The Blacklist," the big heat some of the hottest working celebrities are packing and the incredible second season of "Nathan For You."

Result of Scottish Independence Vote Predicted by Grindr

By Bobby McGuire | Friday Sep 19, 2014
GPS driven hook-up app Grindr has proven to be an effective tool on a variety of fronts, ranging from setting up a last minute lunchtime tryst, to finding converts to Christianity. Could political forecasting be next?

Manhole Chicago :: September 18, 2014

By Ann Foucher | Friday Sep 19, 2014
Thanks to promoters of a long lasting tradition of shirtless men and leather, Manhole returned to the previous space of Spin Nightclub and Chloe/Whiskey Trust. If the preview party was any indication, then this musky staple in Boystown is here to stay.

Petition Started to Demand Facebook Drop Name Change Policy

By Winnie McCroy | Friday Sep 19, 2014
In the battle to allow drag queens and transgender individuals to continue using their Facebook profile under their stage name or chosen name, a Seattle drag performer has founded a petition on Change.org.