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Kylie Loves Giorgio :: Right Here, Right Now

By JC Alvarez | Jan 22
Disco's most legendary producer teams up with modern dance's biggest star! This is "Right Here, Right Now" from Giorgio Moroder and featuring Kylie Minogue.

Transmedia Artist Phoebe Legere Unleashes Her 'Gay'

By EDGE | Jan 21
Phoebe Legere, transmedia artist and LGBTQI activist, releases her "Gay" CD of original music that includes her legendary Gay National Anthem.

Dina Delicious Single 'Tick, Tick, Trick' Released on iTunes

By EDGE | Jan 20
Dina Delicious, the world's number one trans bombshell wants you to play her new song, just don't play her.

Ken Urban Reconciles Contradictions in 'A Future Perfect'

By Michael Cox | Jan 20
Ken Urban's latest play "A Future Perfect" is having its premiere production at the Speakeasy Stage Company. It promises to toe the line between two opposing forces: The spirit of an indy-rocker and the expectations of the "new normal."

Murs' 'Never Been Better' in Soon to be Released Album

By EDGE | Jan 15
Internationally acclaimed British singer/songwriter Olly Murs' sophomore U.S. album, "Never Been Better," is set for release Tuesday, March 10 via Columbia Records and is available for pre-order now.

Living for Remixes: Madonna Releases Five Dance Mixes of 'Living for Love'

By EDGE | Jan 15
Listen to five dance remixes of Madonna's single "Living for Love" here.

Ripparachie's Rapping for a Gay Cause

By EDGE | Jan 14
Ripparachie's musical career has been a strenuous path due to coming out as a gay Hip Hop artist to prove that his sexuality does not have anything to do with his lyricist skills.

Using Jazz to Get Students Hooked on Music

Jan 13
A program called Let Freedom Swing aims to connect the dots between music and chapters of American history, like the Civil Rights Movement. Wynton Marsalis and his musicians figure if they grab kids by their ears, their hearts and minds will follow.

Charli XCX is 'Doing It' with Rita Ora

By EDGE | Jan 12
Global breakthrough star, Charli XCX, is delighted to announce details of her forthcoming single "Doing It," which will feature Rita Ora.

Martin's Latest 'A Quién Quiera Escuchar' on Sale Soon

By EDGE | Jan 9
Still enjoying the fruits of his international chart-topper "Adiós," Ricky Martin now prepares the January 12 world radio premiere of his single "Disparo al Corazón" ("Shot to the Heart").

1 thru 10 of 2010 Stories