Man Talk :: Steven Daigle XXX-posed

by Jim Halterman
Sunday Jul 3, 2011

Even in 2011, the existence of pornography in someone’s past is treated as a dirty little secret that is rationalized as something done when a person was young, stupid and broke. Dustin Zito did porn way before he appeared on the most recent season of "The Real World: Las Vegas," then used the show to "come out" about his gay porn past. But the fact that Zito repeatedly claims to be 100% straight despite being shot on film in sexual situations with other men makes it hard to believe that there wasn’t something he enjoyed about the experience other than the paycheck.

Times are changing, however. Take, for instance, the career of Steven Daigle, who first came to fame as the ’gay cowboy’ on the CBS summer reality series "Big Brother" in 2008, has now proudly carved out a niche in the adult male film industry... and does so with no shame whatsoever.

While some may see Daigle as a flash-in-the-pan stud who is only using his reality show fame to get more attention and make a few extra bucks, Daigle recently talked to EDGE’s Jim Halterman about his determination to be taken seriously about the business. All criticism aside, with every porn studio hiring him and his Best Newcomer win at the Grabby Awards last month, he’s currently proving that his staying power is (pardon the expression) long and hard.

Not a porn star

EDGE: Congratulations on your win at the Grabbys!

Steven Daigle: I was literally shocked, but I’m thrilled to have it.

EDGE: How surreal is it for you that despite what some of your critics have said about your place in the business that you are now an award-winning porn star?

Steven Daigle: It’s really interesting because I came into the industry and everyone said,’He’s not really a porn star and he’s only selling movies because he came from reality TV and that’s it.’

Then, I win an award from within the industry. Some people will say the awards are politically driven, but I’m not exclusive for any one studio and there’s nobody who would stick their neck out and say, ’Hey, give him an award because our studio wants to sell more movies.’

There’s no motivation for anyone to do that. I am basically as a free agent and people within the industry decide who gets this award. I was expecting absolutely nothing. There were no expectations to walk away with anything, so I feel very honored.


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