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Okla. Teen Mom Faces Life in Prison for Blackmailing Gay Classmate

By EDGE | Jul 17
A teenage Oklahoma mother of two was arrested and charged Monday with several felonies after she and her boyfriend allegedly tried to blackmail a former gay classmate out of $500, threatening they would expose his "homosexual lifestyle on Facebook."

Little Known About Suspect in Fatal Shooting of Marines

By Lucas L. Johnson and Kathleen Fody | Jul 17
The man who authorities say killed four Marines in an attack on a military recruiting center and another U.S. military site was a 24-year-old, Kuwait-born engineer who had not been on the radar of federal authorities until the bloodshed.

Jury Quickly Convicts Colorado Theater Shooter of Murder

By Sadie Gurman and Colleen Slevin | Jul 16
Colorado theater shooter James Holmes was convicted Thursday in the chilling 2012 attack on defenseless moviegoers at a midnight Batman premiere after jurors swiftly rejected defense arguments

Only in Florida: Woman Arrested After Allegedly Beating BF for Watching Porn

By EDGE | Jul 16
A Florida woman was arrested on July 13 for allegedly attacking her boyfriend after she secretly recorded him and found he was watching porn after he promised to stop his naughty habit.

Woman Arrested in SC Restaurant After Jesus Didn't Pick Up Tab

By EDGE | Jul 16
A four-hour stand-off in a South Carolina restaurant left a 51-year-old woman in jail after Jesus didn't pick up her check for her seafood buffet meal.

Accused Philly Gay Bashers Considering Plea Deal

By EDGE | Jul 15
Kathryn Knott, Philip Williams and Kevin Harrigan, the defendants allegedly involved in the September 2014 gay bashing in Philadelphia, are considering a plea deal offered by the District Attorney's office.

Only in Florida: Woman Arrested After Allegedly Arguing Over Dildo, Shoving it in Partner's Face

By EDGE | Jul 14
Florida police arrested a woman Saturday after allegedly shoving a dildo in her female domestic partner's face during a fight over who owned the sex toy.

Renaissance Fair Girl Power: Wench Takes Down Sword Theif

Jul 14
A man is facing charges of theft and resisting arrest after authorities say he crashed a jousting performance at the Colorado Renaissance Festival and tried to make off with a sword.

Gay Porn Star Found Guilty of Extorting Conservative Millionaire

By EDGE | Jul 10
Gay porn star and escort Jarec Wentworth was found guilty Thursday of extorting a rich conservative telecom executive out of $500,000 and a luxury car by threatening to expose details of their paid sexual relationship online.

Fox News Fan Calls Cops After Channel Allegedly Changed

By EDGE | Jul 9
After noticing that her TV wasn't tuned to her favorite channel Fox News, a South Carolina woman called police to report that an intruder had entered her apartment.

11 thru 20 of 1057 Stories