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Gift Guide: Get Better at Sports with Smart Gear

| By Ron Harris | Wednesday Dec 3, 2014
Advances in technology present sports enthusiasts with plenty of options to train better and smarter.

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Squat Your Way to Ripped!

| By Mark Moon | Oct 25
Building lean muscle should be a priority for everyone -- and working the leg muscles can help you get there.

Today Is Your Day :: Energy Boosting Day Planner

| By John Maroussas | Oct 19
Get more done, get fitter, and sleep better with this energy-boosting day planner.

Houston: A Pedaler's Paradise

| By EDGE | Sep 10
Hit the road in Houston as travelers have more opportunities than ever to explore H-Town by bike.

Building A Good Fitness Foundation

| By Adam Winter | Sep 7
Do you have the right foundation in place for a great workout? This is an important question to ask and answer before embarking on any routine, whether at home or in a gym.

Luxury Fashion Takes On Fitness Technology

| By Leanne Italie | Aug 27
Luxury fashion is making inroads in wearable tech as more designers try their hands at developing smart, stylish accessories and clothing aimed at tracking performance and health, or simply making connected lives easier to manage.

Jack Mackenroth Pledges to Raise $50,000 on BRAKING AIDS Ride

| By Winnie McCroy | Aug 25
Jack Mackenroth has pledged to raise $50,000 for the BRAKING AIDS Ride, a 285-mile trek from Boston to NYC. Help him meet that goal!

Gay Games Getaways

| By Winnie McCroy | Aug 12
Make the most of your trip to Gay Games 9 with these fabulous side trips!

Gay Games 9 Opening Ceremonies Welcome Thousands to Cleveland

| By Winnie McCroy | Aug 10
The Mayors of Cleveland and Akron were on hand to welcome thousands of athletes and visitors from more than 50 countries and 48 states when the 2014 Gay Games kicked off on Saturday night.

Super Set for Super Shape

| By Mark Moon | Jul 4
There’s a phrase I like that goes like this: "The best workout is the one that you haven’t done before."

Fitness Calling :: Hiking 101

| By Blake Beckcom | Jun 29
Whether your goal is weight loss, toning or leaning out a great way to get a dual weight-bearing cardio workout is to take a hike.

1 thru 10 of 477 Stories