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Chicago Artist Recreates Rooms in Miniature Form

Jul 3
Chicago-based artist Henry Kupjack is a master at making tiny rooms. His creations are so detailed they seemingly bring historical rooms to life. CBS News correspondent Dean Reynolds met up with Kupjack to find out how it's done.

'Andy's Randy Summer' Online-Only Sale of Warhol Works

By EDGE | Jun 17
Christie's is pleased to announce "Andy Warhol @ Christie's: Andy's Randy Summer" online-only sale to be offered June 16 - 25.

Walt Disney's Wild Ride with Surrealist Salvador Dali

By Michael Lietke | Jun 11
Besides his love of wholesome entertainment, Walt Disney also had an appreciation for the eccentric that led to a short-lived partnership and decades-long friendship with surrealistic artist Salvador Dali.

Museum Embraces Gay Pride in Honor of Victorian Photographer

By Beth J. Harpaz | Jun 10
A museum dedicated to a Victorian-era photographer who challenged gender roles is expanding its mission by championing tolerance and sending a contingent to New York's gay pride parade.

A Garden Party with Frida Kahlo

By Katherine Roth | Jun 3
In a sprawling, multi-disciplinary show, The New York Botanical Garden focuses on a long-overlooked side of artist Frida Kahlo: her deep connection to Mexico's plants and flowers, and how they inspired her art.

Art Project Los Angeles Features Haring, Warhol & More

By EDGE | May 28
Art auction and cocktail reception raises critically needed funds for Angelenos living with HIV/AIDS and showcases renowned as well as up-and-coming artists.

Pakistan Vintage Car Collectors Preserve a Part of History

By Asif Shahzad | May 28
Pakistan's gearheads are a testament to the universal appeal of fixing up and maintaining vintage cars, more commonly associated with America and the West from where popular shows like "Top Gear" or "Fast N' Loud" have reached Pakistani cable channels.

Picasso Painting Proves Too Titillating for Local Fox News Censor

By EDGE | May 15
No one even remotely familiar with the work of seminal abstract artist Pablo Picasso would find the artist's cubist paintings to be in the slightest bit pornographic. Unless you work for Fox.

Interracial, Penises or Both: Why is One Sculpture Scaring 2 Museums?

By EDGE | May 14
Who knew that penises and Mark Twain's classic novel could continue to shock in the 21st century, especially in the art scene in the world's cultural capital?

Chris Burden, Who Pushed the Limits of Art, Dies at 69

By John Rogers | May 12
When Chris Burden stood in front of a camera and had a friend open fire on him with a rifle he was making a bold statement to the world: a new artist had arrived, one who was willing to push the limits of art as far as his imagination would take it.

1 thru 10 of 199 Stories