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Nun of the Above

By Tony Reverditto | Oct 18
Introducing, the one, the only, Maripat Donovan. "Sister" talks about her new high-rolling (and holy rolling) play.


Theatre Reviews

Monsters, Mummies and Mayhem

By Brenna Smith | Oct 16
The Hollywood Museum celebrates the spooky history of horror films, just in time for Halloween.

The Royale

By Rodney Rodriguez | Oct 15
It's nerves, it's excitement, fear, confidence, anger, hope, frustration and a nasty left hook all on display in Marco Ramirez's 'The Royale' playing in the White Theatre at the Old Globe in Balboa Park.

Swan Lake

By Shane Scott | Oct 15
After four decades sans the Australian Ballet, the company graced Los Angeles' Dorothy Chandler Pavilion with the West Coast premiere of Graeme Murphy's rendition of 'Swan Lake.'


Theatre Features

Playwright Billy Porter Wants to Live

By Brian Scott Lipton | Oct 14
Tony Award-winning actor Billy Porter opens up about his latest stint as playwright on the semi-autobiographical play "While I Yet Live."

Robert Patrick: One of Nation's Oldest Gay Playwrights on Being Part of Theater History

By Henrik Eger | Oct 10
Robert Patrick is the author of "Kennedy's Children" and "The Haunted Host," one of America's oldest gay plays, now celebrating its 50th anniversary. He opens up about his colorful past in this interview.

Interview with Martin Sherman Author of 'Bent'

By Michael Cox | Oct 8
Martin Sherman's Holocaust drama "Bent" is one of the most influential gay plays of the last half-century in the way that it brings gay characters and history into the mainstream. We speak to Sherman about "Bent" and about his life creating theatre.