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New Pop/Dance music artist, Kady Z, is surprising critics with her new and first EP, "One Million Pieces" because unlike most new artists, she comes from a musical family that at times received much criticism. Being the daughter of Golden Globe winner and stage veteran Pia Zadora may not be the foot in the door most children of a star parent would expect, in fact, there may have been locked doors than welcomed opportunities for Kady Z.

But this girl has put together a strong 5-track EP in "One Million Pieces" that is making most critics go "shut your mouth" to the naysayers. With the writing ability compared to Taylor Swift coupled with the dance beats created by ToneDef, this collection deserves to be given a chance. Kady Z deserves to be given a chance. Like Gwen Stefani and Robyn, from whom she draws inspiration, Kady is about the music that she believes separates her from the rest. Being placed in a separate category from the rest may be more like mom than Kady would like to admit, but it is that growing-up experience with her mom’s career that may really give Kady Z the strength to survive an overflowing music industry of budding talent.


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