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Hello gentle Americans. "RuPaul’s Drag Race" has only one episode left. Let’s do a recap of the season. Make sure to bring your barf bag, it’s nauseating.

Episode 1: Alicia Summers, booze hound and bimbo, was booted off after walking the runway wearing a breast plate. She thought that fake tits, pouring out of her low cut blouse, was enough to keep her in the game; sadly the judges deflated her dreams of glory and sent her home to drink and drive once again.

Episode 2: The second show found the Mr. Clean of drag, The Princess, in the bottom two along with the mentally challenged Lashaun Beyond. Lashuan’s runway look was covered with large gumballs that lost their flavor rather quickly. Poor judgment had her kicking off her heels as she lip-synched for her life, and she was sent packing.


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