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In a little over a 3-year period, Dutch-born Eva Simons has elevated her status in the music industry from a virtual unknown to a vocalist being sought by major players in the recording industry. Eva (pronounced A-va) has propelled her career with international hits such as "Silly Boy," "Take Over Control" and the latest duet with, "This Is Love," and her U.S. Dance #1 "I Don’t Like You."

With acclaimed music videos and great live performance reviews under her belt, Eva is about to embark on her biggest tour to date in the U.S. as a part of the Identity Festival Tour roster this summer.

While packing in her home in Amsterdam, I caught up with the new singing warrior, as she calls herself, and dug a little deeper into what makes this seemingly shy and calm beauty on the outside such a feisty warrior ready to battle the music charts and all of what the Universe has waiting for her.


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