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As we approach Harvey Milk Day in California on May 22, I can’t help but think about the wonderful film "Milk" which won Dustin Lance Black a most-deserved Oscar. And to take it a step further, I can’t help but think about Black himself, and the significance that his film and his subsequent activism has had on the gay rights movement across this country.

With a special screening of the film at the Castro Theatre on Tuesday with Black making an appearance (along with activist Cleve Jones), it gave me the privilege of visiting (Dustin) Lance for an extended conversation about his hope and promise for equality for gays in the future, his dedication to put his words into action through his activism and film projects, and to discuss where an Oscar winner on his first-time out as a screenwriter goes from here.

One place is the back to the movies - this time in a different capacity: as writer/director. Black recently finished "Virginia," and the film is set for a nationwide release shortly.

Below is an excerpt from a longer interview that will appear in our digital magazine in June.


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