Congress Sends NSA Phone-Records Bill to President

BUSINESS | By Erica Werner | Jun 3
Congress approved sweeping changes to surveillance laws enacted after the Sept. 11 attacks, eliminating the National Security Agency's disputed bulk phone-records collection program and replacing it with a more restrictive measure.

Intel Buys into Chips Powering Cloud Computing, Smarter Cars

TECHNOLOGY | By Bree Fowler | Jun 3
Intel is buying chip designer Altera for about $16.7 billion in cash to expand its reach into new chip markets that are powering the wireless revolution, smarter cars and more.

Vast Trove of Medicare Data Details How Billions are Spent

BUSINESS | By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar | Jun 3
A vast trove of Medicare billing data for 2013 has been released by the Department of Health and Human Services. In the age of big data the more than $600 billion that taxpayers spend annually on the program is getting closer scrutiny than ever.

Kris Jenner on Marriage to Caitlyn: 'It was the Most Passive-Aggressive Things I've Ever Experienced'

NEWS | By EDGE | Jun 2
Kris Jenner opens up about her relationship with Caitlyn Jenner in the Vanity Fair cover story.

Sex, Food & Identity :: Talking With 'Eat With Me' Director David Au

ENTERTAINMENT | By Frank J. Avella | Jun 2
Of the many hats he wears David Au prefers directing. The writer, producer & editor of the new LGBT comedy "Eat With Me" (a fave on the film fest circuit out on DVD this week) talks about the film's multi-cultural themes.

Morocco Arrests, Expels 2 French Topless Activists

NEWS | Jun 2
Moroccan authorities on Tuesday arrested and then expelled two French activists for appearing topless at a historic site in the capital protesting the treatment of gays.

Paula Poundstone Plays Orleans Showroom

Comedian, actress, author, mother and cat-lover Paula Poundstone will return to The Orleans Showroom with her wry observational humor and versatile stand-up comedy act on June 19 and 20.

Ultra-Hot Suede Is Everywhere (And in Boston This Saturday)

ENTERTAINMENT | By John Amodeo | Jun 2
Suede is one of the most in-demand LGBT performers, be it in such resorts as Ogunquit, cities like Boston or NYC, or on an Olivia Cruise. EDGE caught up with the singer as she prepares for her upcoming engagement at Boston's Scullers Jazz Club.

Tennessee TV Station Won't Run Ad Promoting Gay Marriage

NEWS | Jun 2
A Chattanooga television station won't run an advertisement in support of gay marriage.

NC Mall Santa Arrested for Child Porn Charges

NEWS | By EDGE | Jun 2
A North Carolina man who worked as a Santa Claus at a local mall was arrested Saturday on child pornography charges.


France Awaits Vatican Word on Ambassador Said to be Gay

The French government is expecting the Vatican to decide within days whether to approve the nomination of a respected diplomat who is said to be gay as French ambassador to the Holy See.


How Do You Stop Being Tired?

BOOKS | Jun 3
About a third of Americans adults say they regularly feel fatigued. Dr. Holly Phillips joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss her new plan aimed at helping restore energy. She explains it all in her new book "The Exhaustion Breakthrough."


Jerry Seinfeld: What it Takes to be a Comedian

Web extra: Jerry Seinfeld, host of "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee," describes what comics have in common with one another and what sets them apart from other people. Anthony Mason reports.


Average US Rate on 30-Year Mortgage Rises to 3.87 Pct.

Average long-term U.S. mortgage rates rose this week to their highest level so far this year as new data showed strength in the housing market.


Uber, Lyft Push Back Against Proposed NYC Regulations

AUTO NEWS | By Karen Matthews | Jun 1
Representatives of Uber and Lyft warned Thursday that a New York City effort to regulate app-based ride-hailing services will stall innovation and threaten competition.


Pioneer Chef on Going Organic Before it was Cool

Farm-to-table restaurants are popping up all over the country. Now, a pioneer is looking beyond her relentless mission to open the nation's first certified organic restaurant. Chip Reid shows us how Nora Pouillon wants to add to her already full plate.


AIDS/LifeCycle Raises $16.3M to Fight HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS | By EDGE | Jun 1
This weekend, AIDS/LifeCycle's 2,350 cyclists raised a record-breaking $16.3 million dollars to support San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the HIV/AIDS-related services of the Los Angeles LGBT Center.


South African Park Remains Open After Lioness Kills Tourist

By Lynsey Chutel, Courtney Quirin | Jun 2
The South African wildlife park where a lion killed an American woman has remained open and is "operating as usual," a park official said Tuesday.