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Stephanie Mills has been wowing audiences with her distinctive, powerful singing voice for more than four decades, and it is still amazing to believe that such power comes out a diminutive frame that stands less than 5 feet tall.

It seems like yesterday that Ms. Mills presented herself to the world in the lead role of Dorothy in the all black cast of "The Wiz" on Broadway and won the hearts of many that would become longtime fans with the show-stopping "Home," which would become her signature song.


  • Anonymous, 2012-06-18 17:27:05

    ‎*sigh* Here is my take on this before everybody attacks Ms Mills.... I think she is needs to re-watch the 2009 Oprah interview because Whitney never said when she started doing drugs or who started her on them....

  • Anonymous, 2012-08-17 15:05:38

    Good to hear Miss Mills is coming back with a new album soon. One of the great distinctive soul voices of her generation for sure. Wonderful to read her singling out ’Give It Half A Chance’ a stunning performance from her back catalogue laced with gems like ’No One Remembers My Name’ and ’Night Games’ - I could go on. Thankyou BeBe. And Stephanie - I wish you could get it together to come to London one day. Melba Moore came earlier this year and rocked packed houses - if she can honey so can you.

  • Anonymous, 2013-08-16 13:15:07

    I love u stephanie!! Always have and always will!! Ur the greatest!

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