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Hello gentle Americans. Am I the only person who finds pregnant woman repulsive?

After seeing the photo of the aging bimbo, on the cover of NY Magazine, with her bloated belly, gray hair and wrinkles, all I want to do is barf all over my tits. The cover story is about how more women past the age of forty are popping out useless blobs of flesh. And I am supposed to be happy about this? More hungry mouths sucking up the oxygen and drinking up the already depleted water supplies sends me into shivers. Shut Jennifer Aniston’s vagina now! Kelly Preston put a cork in it! Angelina Jolie it is time to close that thing for renovations.

Watching woman walk around with their distended stomachs, with this look of entitlement on their faces, demanding with a cold look for your seat on the subway, enrages me. Do you know what I say to them, "Listen bitch I am not the one who told you to get knocked-up. So don’t give me that stink eye because you want my seat.


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