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Remember all the brouhaha about Bill Clinton being our "first black president"? Yeah, I know: ironic that not long after, we actually got our first black president. But the sentiment was that, in his outlook and attitude, Bill had soul. He was down.

So I think it’s fitting to ask: Could Newt Gingrich be out first gay president? Consider:

• He likes to blow his cash on bling at Tiffany’s

• He likes to run up his charge card (see above, Tiffany’s)

• He’s into open relationships

• He can’t keep his johnson in his pants

• He actually described himself as "a bear."

Our first out-gay state governor, New Jersey’s Jim McGreevey, was a hypocritical closet case who screwed up his wife big time and only came out when it was revealed that he gave a high-up stipend state job to his boyfriend.

Every single one of the first batch of congressmen who came out only did so after they were outed for hiring rent boys.

So maybe it makes sense that our first "gay president" would be the most unlikely and unlikeable candidate of them all.


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