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Female impersonator/illusionist, drag queen, or gender bender are all appropriate descriptives for a male pretending to be a female in an artistic forum. I should know. And these, on the surface, can be accurate to describe what Peter Mac does on stage.

But Mac goes deeper than the surface with his more than 12 female impersonations, namely Judy Garland, because he goes beneath the skin and taps the soul of his characters. When Peter Mac takes to the stage as Judy Garland, you start to wonder whether you may have entered the Twilight Zone and gone back in time. It’s not just the look, the sound, the movement, it’s the pure essence in every way that is Judy. That is why he prefers the term "tribute artist" to the others aforementioned.

Of course Mac has had years to perfect his characterization of Judy Garland, but it is more than just practice that helps bring Judy back to the stage through Peter Mac. Receiving nominations for four 2011 BroadWorld Los Angeles Awards including Best Male Cabaret Artist and Person To Watch are some of the credentials in Peter Mac’s pocket(book) that the illusion, the queen, the bending is about as real as it gets.

Peter is preparing to take the stage once again to bring Judy back to life for the holidays at Tom Rolla’s The Gardenia in West Hollywood from December 14 through December 17 in The Judy Garland Christmas Special. I had an opportunity to explore Peter’s discovery into the gift of impersonation, why Judy Garland is his character muse, the proud moments of giving life to an icon to the gay community, and whose persona he will tackle next.


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